CIAM main sponsor and protagonist at Universo Assisi 2019.

Universo Assisi is back, from the 20th to the 28th of July, with a programme rich of innovative options, which will turn the city into a festival of culture, music, art, dance, architecture and theatre staging events, concerts, debates and performances in the most suggestive locations in the city.

In occasion of the fortieth anniversary of San Francesco’s proclamation as ecology patron, the festival art director Joseph Grima, chose the environmental sustainability as main theme of the third edition of the festival, which this year opens the doors of public spaces of the city dedicating to the “secret places” a specific section of the festival.

It’s in this twofold thematic frame, ecology and secret places, that CIAM’s presence is placed as main sponsor of the festival and as active participant to the event programme as well. CIAM’s vision cannot overlook the deep connection with the territory where it was born and keeps growing day by day. With a vision looking at nature as a fundamental value of its own philosophy, by respecting these values CIAM’s research and experimentation leads to innovation, preserving the surrounding environment.

During the nine days of the festival dedicated to human, integral and cultural ecology, three different moments of the programme will be dedicated to Ciam.

During the morning of the 25th of July, a guided tour will take place at Sant’Egidio Airport – designed by Gae Aulenti – and at mondo Binova. The tour will end with a visit to CIAM’s factory, where the participants will have the chance to visit the CIAM Museum, a place where design and technology come together.

During the afternoon of the 25th of July, CIAM will be present at the round table sponsored by ADI, Umbria delegation, entitled “Analysis and reflections on the future of design industry in Italy and Umbria”. Several Umbrian entrepreneurs will take part to the round table, among them CIAM’s CEO, Federico Malizia. Andrea Margaritelli, President of the the National Architectural Institute, President of Fondazione Listone Giordano and Brand manager of the Group, will be the meeting moderator.

During the morning of the 26th of July, the CIAM Museum will host an exclusive event thanks to the presence of Jan Boelen, who will showcase on this occasion his project on bio plastics, in collaboration with Atelier Luma. The emotional spaces of the Museum will welcome the designer and his visions in an event that will be open to the public with limited seating.

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