1977 - Our Origins

Giuseppe Malizia founds CIAM snc, a company that in few years would have become leader in shop fitting and professional refrigeration sectors.

1978 - First steps

Over its first years of activity the company starts manufacturing the first bar counters with coffee machine area.

1980 - Innovative DNA

Since the beginning CIAM shows an innate capacity for innovating and investment.
CIAM moves in a bigger establishment in which stars the production of new line of dairy counters.

1981 - More space for creating

CIAM moves in a new establishment in Bastia Umbra, Perugia, and enlarges its production with custom shop fitting lines.

1984 - New Factory and showroom

Milestone in the company history: CIAM inaugurates its new 6.000 meter square factory and showroom in Ospedalicchio nearby Perugia.


1985 - Custom made display

CIAM extend its production range with standard and customized semi-finished technical modules in stainless steel.

1988 - CIAM s.p.a.

CIAM s.n.c. changes its name in CIAM s.p.a.

1989 - Europa 4

CIAM presents “Programma Europa 4”: an innovative project based on new materials and new production processes. CIAM is the first company inside its sector to use high density polyurethane to create aesthetic panels.

1991 - New display solutions

CIAM’s lines are increased with new refrigerated pastry and snack cabinets.


Starting from an intuition of Giuseppe Malizia, the founder of the company, CIAM grows to be head of a group of Business Units, each one dealing with different manufacturing processes, linked together in order to be as much effective and rapid as possible.

1995 - Modular cooled unit

CIAM inaugurates a new production line to produce modular cooled cell with polyurethane insulation.

1996 - MAXIGEL getting professional

CIAM launches on the market “MAXIGEL” a new professional display cabinet for artisanal mantecate gelato.

1998 - New LASER facilities

CIAM hinges its production facilities on a new laser cutting technology, ensuring superior quality and high speed in cutting stainless steel.

2000 - SPHERIKA curving the space

CIAM crosses millennium presenting SPHERIKA: a full line of professional linear and curved display cabinets for ice-cream and pastries parlors.
The presentation was made at SIGEP tradeshow in Rimini.

2001 - 3D design

CIAM invests in software and provides its R&D department with advanced 3D design and simulator tools: a key resource for creating new product lines.

2001 - Side by side with reseller

CIAM focuses its business target on semi-finished modules, offering its customers a wide range of technical solutions and, at the same time, high quality and very short lead time.
CIAM outlines its new business strategy which establishes resellers and shop fitting producer as unique way for distributing its products and technology.

2003 - DUNE an unprecedented concept

CIAM presents DUNE, an attractive aesthetic collection realized with aluminum bars, to be customized in a wide range of colors and shapes. The innovative cubicate treatment reproduces several wood essence.

2005 - ICE WINDOW fully visibility

CIAM presents ICE-WINDOW, the fully transparent gelato display that provides a 360° product visibility.

2006 - SPACE gelato and pastry professional display

CIAM presents SPACE, a complete line of professional display showcases for gelato pastry and gastronomy characterized by unique design, high performance and LED energy saving lighting system.

2006 - Federico Malizia, new CEO at CIAM SPA

Federico Malizia assume the role of CIAM group chief executive, at the completion of a successful training process within the company which allowed the young entrepreneur to acquire extensive technical and management experience.
Malizia assume la presidenza

2007 - 30° Anniversary

CIAM celebrates its 30th Foundation Anniversary in the prestigious location of “La Triennale” in Milan. At the same time CIAM attends HOST trade show with a 400 square meter booth, where are exhibited all the new products: 6040, FLAT, SPACE CHROME, Z-BAR, ICE WINDOW, AMIKA IN.

2007 - 6040 Pastry Display

By careful market analysis and the intuition of Federico Malizia, was born “6040” the new CIAM’s showcase line. Ideal solution to match changing needs of modern HORECA, where ergonomics, space saving ground, energy saving, performance and hygienic are essential requirements. Display plate is designed to hold pastry trays 60×40 cm.

2008 - CIAM growing market share

Reactivity, flexibility, celerity, professionalism are the key strokes holding CIAM market share growth.

2009 - AMIKA-IN gelato display

CIAM presents AMIKA IN. High performance (class 4+) gelato display cabinet characterized by excellent value for money and fascinating aesthetic finishing.

2009 - CIAM presents Compact

COMPACT sets new standards in elegance, finishing care, and innovation content for bar counter and refrigerated modules. Infinite possibilities to customize doors, drawers, tops to create exclusive and unique solutions.

2010 - Design Collection

CIAM Presents Design Collection, a serial of new aesthetic line combining technology and extreme design.

2010 - New Factory in Petrignano D’Assisi

CIAM inaugurates its 23.000 meters squared new factory in Petrignano of Assisi.
The new buildings and the equipment inside, are the full expression of CIAM’s skill to create Design and Technology.
€ 15.000.000 investment in modern facilities: laser cutting, metal and steel processing and bending machinery, environmentally friend painting booths.
More than 12,000 pieces per year production capacity.

2011 - Abroad focused strategy

CIAM focuses its business goal abroad, proposing innovative solution and exclusive design in the high level style, like the best “Made in Italy” tradition can express .
HOST and SIGEP are the stages chosen by CIAM to present a mighty range of novelties: MYA, MYA PLUS, VERTIGO, 6040 G1 e T1, JEWELLERY.

2012 - CIAO professional gelato display

“CIAO” is the new plug-in professional gelato showcase.
CIAO principal features are: double air flow ventilation system, visibility, ergonomics, consistent energy saving, fast automatic defrost.

2013 - Performer: Gastronomy display counter

Performer is the new high professional gastronomy counter presented by CIAM during HOST Trade Show 2013 in Milan. High technological features and innovative solutions to ensure extraordinary performances, perfect ergonomics, total visibility of the displayed products, considerable energy saving. Performer is available in several version: for meat, deli, bain-marie and frozen food.

2013 - Brilliant

CIAM presents BRILLIANT: a new family of OVER SIZED upright glass display.
The range comprehends positive and negative temperature models, with 1 or 2 doors, on one side or pass-through. Brilliant can be arranged to display praline, pastry, deli, wine, frozen cakes. Wide possibility to customize arrangement and size.

2013 - Jewellery

Ciam present Jewellery, elegant and beautiful showcase, the ideal solution to show and conserve your chocolate and pastry creations.
Jewellery will be equipped upon request with a hinged top glass in order to make all the cleaning operations easier.

2015 - Move 16

MOVE16 is the new refrigerated showcase by CIAM and these are its strengths: the glass upper structure is totally transparent with no metal profile; manual or electric (optional) opening of the top glass for accessing the display area; lift up mechanism for display plate through pistons for easy cleaning; brand new selection of high quality materials like natural iron, bronze brass and the ‘concrete’ resin.

2015 - Murozero

CIAM introduces MUROZERO as the newcomer within the ‘I Verticali’ family, and its interesting flexibility and innovative finishes such as printed paper and concrete resin. This new refrigerated upright cabinet represent the perfect fit for incorporating refrigerated niches within decorated walls. The range includes units for pastry (+4°C), frozen cakes (-20°C), pralines (+16°C) and wine (+6/+14°C).
Murozero is now avaiable in the slide version, with sliding doors.

2017 - CIAM, a 40-year history

Ciam celebrated its 40 years of activity with plenty of new products.
The participation to Host 2017 Milan Tradeshow has been the ideal opportunity for the launch of the new brand, which was completely improved for what concerns the graphic lines and with a strong recall to the first logo in order to underline the importance of looking to the future by keeping a strong bond with our origins.
For this reason, we created CIAM’s monographic handbook, which was presented at the tradeshow, composed of 800 pages which retrace the company’s history and achievements.

2017 - Mirror

Mirror is an “exhibition table” refined and elegant, characterized by its through self-reflection optical effect that empathizes and enhances the displayed product as if it were a precious jewel.
The display surface is entirely covered with mirrors and back-painted glasses.
A new and contemporary way to conceive freestanding counter, placed in the middle of the room.
A rigid, elegant and pure-looking counter: it would seem like an inaccessible casket, if it were not for the sophisticated automatic opening system of the upper glass.