In the heart of Paris, CIAM signs “La Glacerie”

The design and quality of CIAM return to shine in the city of the Seine, thanks to “La Glacerie – Paris”. The new ice cream parlour, realized in collaboration with CIAM Parisian partner Cameleon Concept, opened in the Marais district by David Wesmaël, best ice cream maker in France (2004) and world pastry champion (2006).

“La Glacerie – Paris”, which will delight Parisians ice cream lovers, offers a colourful range of sorbets, ice creams, sweets and chocolate candies, carefully preserved by the made in Italy concept designed by CIAM.

MuroZero, a vertical refrigerated cabinet with a contemporary design and advanced technology, presents rose gold finishing in line with the entire room design and the innovative plexiglass custom made tubes structure for the ice cream storage. In fact, thanks to this personalized creation, gourmets will only have to cut and slice the ​​ice cream directly from the cylinder to quickly create tasty desserts.

Inside along with the 6040 Gel Narrow displays (always with rose gold profiles finishing), the new IceDesign display trays exposition stand out, made from betacryl (Pure Acrylic Stone) to enhance the colours and flavours of the gourmet ice cream.

Rose gold is also upper structure and the windows hosting the delicious frozen desserts and the ice-cream candies: a tasty mix of chocolate, ice-cream and icing that will brighten the palates of customers who, entering “La Glacerie – Paris” will be captured by its charming design and cheerful atmosphere.

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