6040 T1 Premium Ice Cream (02) 6040 T1 Premium Ice Cream (01)
built-in compressor, cold ventilated, ice-cream, LED lighting system, refrigerated showcase

6040 T1 Premium Ice Cream

L. 900 mm., 1.000 mm., 1.150 mm., 1.300 mm., 1.500 mm., 1.650 mm., 1.700 mm., 2.000 mm., 2.150 mm., AP90°




The new T1 upper glass structure represents the synthsis between design and technology. The front glass with welded top is very appreciated by architects and designers; the brand new opening system makes the cleaning easier than ever. LED lighting system a standard.


  • Performances: Double evaporator and semi-hermetic threephase compressor.
  • Visibility: extraordinary enhancement of displayed products.
  • Practicality: Pistons assisted front glass opening system.
  • Customizable: great possibility to customize front side panels.
  • Temperature controlled: Automatic reverse cycle.
  • Energy Saving: Double LED lighting as standard.
  • Reliability: hermetic three-phase compressor double evaporator, automatic reverse cycle defrost.

Each piece of furniture is unique and for this reason the image of the product is purely indicative and may not fully reflect the aesthetic characteristics. Consultation of updated samples is recommended.