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Mirror is an “exhibition table” refined and elegant, characterized by its through self-reflection optical effect that empathizes and enhances the displayed product as if it were a precious jewel.
The display surface is entirely covered with mirrors and back-painted glasses.
A new and contemporary way to conceive freestanding counter, placed in the middle of the room.
A rigid, elegant and pure-looking counter: it would seem like an inaccessible casket, if it were not for the sophisticated automatic opening system of the upper glass.
A modular design consisting of main linear and head elements that to be combined in large compositions.
Mirror can integrate other self-service display elements to complete the layout in that areas in which the operator staying is not needed.
Mirror’s essence convey the contemporary CIAM style, where pure forms, living materials and great detail research, dressed in sophisticated and innovative technology trace the way to technological and stylistic innovation in the professional furniture sector.

Each piece of furniture is unique and for this reason the image of the product is purely indicative and may not fully reflect the aesthetic characteristics. Consultation of updated samples is recommended.