Tortuga Frozen Cake
built-in compressor, frozen cakes, fully refrigeration showcase, LED lighting system

Tortuga Frozen Cake

L. 900 mm., 1.200 mm., 1.500 mm.




Stand alone refrigerated showcases for pastry , ice cream , praline and deli.
The series TORTUGA includes three linear modules and three different heights. The tanks are monolithic and S/s steel. The front tempered glasses are straight and fixed. The middle shelves are adjustable and complete with LED stripes that give a uniform lighting on the products. The TORTUGA showcases are designed to have excellent and highly performing services. Positive temperature showcases have automatic defrost. The operator has access to the refrigerated compartment through practical sliding double glazing doors with automatic closing system. Low temperature modules (-20 °) have a ventilated refrigeration and ultrarapid cycle reverse cycle defrost, in this case the operator access to the refrigerated compartment through leaf doors.


  • Maxi display volume.
  • Hinged glass doors on operator side.
  • LED lighting as standard.
  • Electronic control board.
  • Triple glasses.

Each piece of furniture is unique and for this reason the image of the product is purely indicative and may not fully reflect the aesthetic characteristics. Consultation of updated samples is recommended.