SIGEP 2018
Ciam aggregator of innovators

CIAM, leader in the supply of design and technology for the furnishing of bars, pastry shops and restaurants, will be at SIGEP, Hall A3 stand 060 & stand 065 with new products and partnerships.

CIAM and Cattabriga presents “Gelato Live”: a new immersive experience of tasting artisan gelato excellence.

From the combination of Cattabriga’s tradition with Ciam design, a new way of conceiving the product is born. The historic company, synonymous with continuous technological progress in the production of machinery for high-level artisan gelato, chooses the “Centro Stile Ciam” to create a prototype of furniture that integrates the vertical batch freezer to the glycol pozzetti counter, dressing it with an exclusive design and touch screen technology, that changes the approach to the sale and focuses on an emotional experience for the customer, taking part to the stages of production and preparation up to the tasting of ice cream.

From the white Betacryl comes the 6040 Gel narrow equipped with modular coplanar system that combines design, dynamism and empathy in a multisensory approach. The ice cream tubs become an indispensable detail, an integral part of the point of sale, making the multifunctional surface suitable with full and empty parts, cylindrical, oval and classic pozzetti.

CIAM and Gelsystem for high efficiency refrigeration and low environmental impact.

Ciam and Gelsystem, a cutting edge company in the production of high efficiency refrigeration systems for the commercial and industrial sectors, have joined forces and created a green area at SIGEP, where will be presented technological innovations for energy saving and reduction of the environmental impact. Solutions and products able to drastically reduce electricity consumption, with a consequent benefit on costs and an effective contribution towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly economy.

Ciam, Italian School of Gelato and Masters of Italian Gelato, together to promote the made in Italy.

The prestigious institute, excellence in the training of gelato makers all over the world, has signed a partnership agreement with Ciam. This collaboration is part of the program that the company is developing with operators in the sector to promote the technology and the value of Made in Italy across the globe.

The cooperation will takes the form at the stand in SIGEP, where demonstrations, tastings, training and other activities concerning artisan gelato will be combined with the promotion of new technologies and furnishing solutions.

SIGEP 2018 represents an unprecedented initiative for Ciam: the construction of a multifunctional and creative space that aggregates different realities of excellence with a strong propensity for innovation.